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Squadron Leader R Crowder 54 Sqd. RAF Coltishall...going DOWN Adnams Bitter on its way to the guys out in the gulf......... RAF Swinderby....yes on of them is ........ Sedburg Viking 737-400 at Stansted 737-400 cockpit on the ground ...Stansted Air UK Folker F100 ready for delivery to Norwich Airport Diamond Lil on on finals at Norwich Airport (RAF Horsham St Faith) 54 Squadron Royal Air Force 611GS Squadron Royal Air Force RAF Coltishall  (now sadly closed) RAF Regiment 41 Squadron Royal Air Force 6 Squadron Royal Air Force Phantom...refuel Sunderland at Pembroke Dock Lightnig, Javalin, Hunter, Canbra, Sptfire and Hurrican "fly Bye" Russian Bear plus 41sqd Jaguar RAF Marham

Plus the odd Ship

The Cleddau  King HMS Brocklesby Sept 8 2006 HMS Tyne in Pembroke Dock A damaged HMS Atherton Isle of Inishmore Lancaster, Mosquito, Spitfire and they are flying together HMS Pembroke a great cocktail party..Thank guys and girls HMS Pembroke a great cocktail party..Thank guys and girls

RAF, ATC, and some


Aircraft   and   the   Royal   Air   Force   after   service   in   the RAF   Regiment,   remain   an   interest   with   links   to 611    Squadron    Gliding    School    Royal    Air    Force Swanton    Morley    (Now    at    the    former    Royal    Air Force, Watton), where I was an flying instructor

A few more Aircraft

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