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Coincidence or Strange

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1982 The Truman’s dray at the Golden Fleece Chelmsford opening Picture outside the Golden Fleece March 1982 The crew of HMS Pembroke being transported to the pub in a Truman’s dray Pics. Flag & Dray - Chatham News. 'The Royal Marine' in 2007   Back in 1903 sailors marched from the hulks in the dockyard into the newly built barracks and now, in 1984, the last sailors left in a brewer's dray. An irony really as drays, or rather their cargoes had undoubtedly been the cause of many matloes forfeiting pay &/or leave because of the demon drink! Guess what! Mark Huby ends by saying ".....after the ceremony the whole Closure Party were marched to the top of the hill (Dock Road) to ' The Royal Marine' where we were 'lashed-up' to a few tots before changing into our 'civvies' and making our way to our next drafts".Picture and text from Royal Naval Association Headquarters Roll Newsletter 2011  Forward again, A visit  to attend a cocktail party 2006 on HMS Pembroke at Pembroke Dock to commemorate the ships company being granted the freedom of both Pembroke and Pembroke Dock