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First memories start in Cringleford Norwich, then Hethersett , the police house is still there on the old A11, I will remember things to add. we then moved on to the wonderful peace of Walsingham, Norfolk,(Pictureed) a great place photo's soon but well worth a visit if you lived there check out this great new and developing site www.walsingham-memories.co.uk/ . We then moved to Old Catton Norwich, this move was so dad could help form the Norfolk Police Dog Section. The Police House was like a prison camp, old Karl was not to be toyed with. My past employment included a spell in the Royal Air Force Regiment and then Norfolk Police, including my introduction to computers via the Police National Computer Centre in Hendon, lots more could go in here, but. Then off I went to complete over20 yrs in the hospitality business at all levels, check out My Pubs for some of our antics. Life now in Pembrokeshire is essentially "enforced" relaxation as my world revolves around my cats and a little bit of community work. There are lots to see in the picture section with the round up of everything that is me and Pembroke Dock
Hethersett Police House, this picture taken August 2006...in the old days the extension on the front the Police Office and the wall were not there...the house was just after the notorious A11 Hethersett Bends...that's what you called a traffic black spot back in the fifties. I must say other than the changes already mentioned and a new garage it all looks the same...although the orchard look's very very sad. Now in enforced medical retirement, here we are in Pembrokeshire, leaving a wealth of experiences all over the island of Great Britain sadly behind me. We have thrived on the most arduous and demanding tasks, from Norfolk to the Home Counties to the North East of Scotland, the Midlands to the flat and powerful landscape of the fens. On again to the wonders of Pembrokeshire West Wales with its wonderful beaches, stunning scenery and welcoming people . If you know what's going on at any of the sites featured on these pages feel free to e-mail your thoughts. As a volunteer I assisted in IT Web Projects within communities in Pembrokeshire West Wales including Pembroke Dock Community Web Project and the Pater Hall Trust(Resigned 2013), My previous experiences in the voluntary sector began in Norfolk as a youth leader with the St Johns Ambulance Brigade and within the Norfolk Scout movement. I took part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme achieving both Bronze and Silver Awards. After leaving the Royal Air Force I became a volunteer flying instructor with 611 VGS at Swanton Morley and service with the Air Training Corps at North Walsham and later at Felixstowe. On relocating to Pembrokeshire I became involved with the Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services IT Project where I was pleased to receive recognition for my volunteer services at a presentation to volunteers in 2003. I was pleased to be not only a volunteer but also both a committee member for some time of the St Johns Community Trust My time as a volunteer with them was mostly taken up between building possibly one of the best IT facilities in our part of Wales, my fellow volunteers and I built the suite from just three computers that were only used very rarely into a thriving 8 pc networked centre open to the community a minimum of twice every week. We advised and guided all ages and abilities thought the mine fields of computers.. just prior to Christmas 2004 when due to a total lack of confidence and my ongoing illness I felt it necessary to resign and withdraw from St Johns Community Hall Project., unfortunately the facility has not been able to be sustained and is only rarely utilised...shame The three “Dock Sites” are designed, maintained and hosted by Catswebcom. The web project has grown substantially since its inception in 2003.... and continued to grow until due to lack of cooperation of certain parties in the community I was forced to dissolve the Community Web Project and carry on at my own expense and labours changing the site to a privately owned and run project re-branded as “My Pembroke Dock Web Project” in 2012....all the same less a committee . Re-branded in 2015 as Catswebcom Community Services The commitment to the community runs in the family Don my brother was a manager and instigator of software systems for the Norfolk Association of Voluntary Services Car Link, And over the years taught many young people how to fly as an instructor with 611 VGS. gliding school In the time before work I was involved with all sorts of things including the Air Scouts in Tusting Close Sprowston, The St. Johns Ambulance Brigade, where I went on to be a youth leader. I also got embroiled with a great group of people at a place called Bacons House in Colgate Norwich, in those days it was the home of the famous Pan Players...I helped out for some years before leaving to join the Royal Air Force. My claim to fame was to finish with them as stage manager for the production of Sweeny Todd (see below). Where are they all now?
Hethersett Ex Police House Program Cover with autograph of Jenny soon to become my first wife
Walsingham Old Police House