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Button text 1 A Little History
Moonlightblue and the Pembroke Dock News Portal have recorded over 100 short movies over the years Click on the “Play list” and use your mouse pointer to pull down the right-hand scroll bar have fun
This site contains alsorts of information from the Police to RAF to our Pubs, Hotels and restaurants all over the uk It also covers my time as a volunteer from my teens till now It was started as a learning tool as has led to the success of the Pembroke Dock Web Project, in 1999 I could just about handle programs on Windows 3, now we have got well upto date with the arrival of Windows 8.1, now that was a learning curve. We started building sites in Publisher and Word befor geting to grips with Front Page after a few years and almost got the program sussed we had to change to Expression Web....last straw comes to mind and we found Xara. This set of web programs from Webstyle 4 to the latest Web Designer 10 pro has been a great success with a few hiccups on the way. I hope on day to be able to use all its tricks.........Have fun
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