Music and Entertainments

at the Cavendish

Rick James....almost sober every Sunday you remember how he used to stop the open topped bus...and of course Tony and Alan the Gibson's also a regular....and the one and only E.Z LAY...the list goes on.. I also remember a band called this the same band that is in the charts now?.....I have a very early tape

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With thanks (in no peticular order and apologize if I’ve missed you) to all the entertainers who appeared at the hotel Chad, Roger Hamilton, Rod Whitehead, EZ Lay, Chasser, Fresh, Freddie Arnold, Ricky James, The Gibsons, Nicky Walker, Rumpole Gibbly Basson, Brian and Denise Russell, Jack Daniels, Nick Mayer, David Sommerfield, the other names will come to me, so many to remember