Well a visit after Jodie's wedding June 2011, looks almost the same inside, but those lovely gardens have just been allowed to run wild. It seems the old place has changed hands again in November 2010. We were in on Sunday lunchtime....and not at all busy.......lets hope it can get back to the good old days soon
The Chequers Inn Rebuilt from a fire ravaged shell and reopened by me in June 1990 the Chequers became one of the most poplar eating houses in East Anglia.. The Chequers Hainford Norfolk owned by Careglade Inn’s, Trevor, Graham and I worked to make this site what we hope it remains today. Lets hope they still serve outstanding Adnams Ales ? Let me know.
The Chequers just prior to the sale of the century!!!!!!
Just prior to sale
A shot trip to Norfolk gave me a chance to check out the good old Chequers and show off skip
August 2015

The Chequers Inn

Hainford Norwich

A Musical (well Chad) away day on the Southern Comfort Horning 1992

Where are they


In 1990 we opened The Chequers Hainford after a complete refurbishment flowing the tragic fire. Three great years....but where are all those good friend now...the staff... Jenny, Geraldine, Liz, Jill, Marion, and so many more who's name escape me... As for the customers...well the last time I called in, not one familiar face could be seen... I am still in contact with Pat (the pilot)... but where are the rest of you