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The section logo produced by D.Sgt. Selwyn Morgan. Dad with Old Karl, Police Headqurters Norfolk My wonderful crew....! Headquarters Coiln.....working???? The three Johnstone's at the bidding of the Chief Constable Dad (Headquartes, Alan Smith (Gt Yarmouth) Mike Doy (Attelebrough)

A Little Bit of 36AC

The   Norfolk   County   Constabulary   Police Dog   section   was   formed   in1959   with   the appointment    of    Pc    Pimlot    from    Kings Lynn   and   Dad      in   Old   Catton   Norwich ...since     starting     this     little     nostalgic journey    I    have    been    pleased    by    the comments   and   contacts.   So   if   you   need more   information   on   Police   Dogs...check out   the   links   below...not   forgetting   my 8 years with Norfolk Constabulary