Saint Andrew’s Street was built to replace “Purdys” in the Market Place, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. I went to this house after it had been opened by Tolly Cobbold for just a few months. A great town pub with great food and live entertainment most evenings. If you have a memory of those heady days of 1984 let me know. PS. Under the shops there can be found a fully equipped bar, sealed over when the shop fitters moved in
Risby Gate Bar 80/81 Risby Gate Bar 80/81 Risby Gate Bar 80/81 Risby Gate Bar 80/81 ...."5"th....... Cowboys and girls Tina with Roger
Not at this one very long The Risbygate Tavern Bury St Edmunds.....but a great little pub...without it I would not have got the challenge of the Cavendish......the gang...well some came with me to the the picture Jill, Tina (came to the Cavendish and brought the family.... thank goodness) and.... will come to me...but I remember she was never on time.....
Party time at the Risbygate...lets call it Fire and Flying
HMS Oberon....when cook Henderson was not on the sub you could find him at the Cavendish or here
Charity Cowboys and Indian Night at the from my old... mate Roger Hamilton
Three of our girls No Comment ...."5"th.......

Risbygate Tavern

Me and the fund raising bear